a short break

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My apologies, dear readers, I know I have been remiss in not posting last week, and I'm afraid to say that it won't improve for a few weeks either. you see, I'm off on my Jollies until the start of October. I was rather hoping to have has a mad three weeks of baking to allow me to queue up several blog posts and drip-feed my publications, but busy-ness has gotten the better of me. But fear not, I've been ordered to join Pinterest and have spent the last 3 days all consumed by it, and have a mountain or ideas fighting to get first pick for when I get back. And yes, October's bakes will be heavily themed on the Halloween side, as Nick's decided he wants a spooky October. Which is handy given all the awesome halloween movies that appear to be, well, um, making an appearance next month, and given that our pumpkins are rapidly approaching ripeness. And so, above is a sneak preview of the pumpkin cake I'll be divulging when I get back.

 In the meantime, if you haven't watched it already, a few posts down is the Dr. Who fanfilm Nick's been creating for almost a year now, and here's the website associated with it! Enjoy, and see you in October!

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