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Eagle-eyed among you will have spotted that most of my photos are taken by Nick Loven, my wonderful boyfriend and fantastic director/producer/head honcho of Crow's Eye Productions. On top of all these things, he's a massive nerd and has a real thing for Dr. Who, as do (and are) a lot of his friends, several of which are talented script writers to boot. They got together with the Loven family (Nick's uncle on sound and Nick's mum on costumes) and made a fantastic Dr. Who fan film, "The Mystery of Rorrim".

After months and months and months of hard graft, which included serious costumery by Pauline at Orchard House Wardrobe (check them out too, particularly if you are a fan of period costumes, the historical accuracy of period clothing right down to the last miniscule and expertly executed detail are breathtakingly astounding - real "period-costume porn" going on there!), the film is finally ready for full release, and you can watch it in all its splendid glory, totally free!

Enjoy, heartily, there will be cake next week (promise!) and for those of you that love it, yes, there's a second one on the way - filming starts this very day!

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